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​3 Benefits of Using a Professional Trading Room

Trading is a zero sum game, which means that for every winner there’s a loser. The markets are highly competitive as everyone’s top goal is to take your money. As a trader you’re going up against institutional investors, professionals, algorithms, insiders, exchange operators, whales, pumpers and dumb irrational money that defies logic. Most traders lose […]

3 Easy Steps to Get Started with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a paradigm shift that’s changing the way we perceive money. It allows individuals to have full control over their finances without needing to go through a bank. Many investors are starting to use bitcoin as a long term store of value and hedge against financial uncertainty. If you’re new to Bitcoin and feel […]

Cryptocurrency Trading Recap

2016 is turning out to be an exciting year for the cryptocurrency markets. Ethereum kicked off the year with a strong bull run, gaining 1500% over the course of a few months. This had a chain reaction as pushing altcoins into a bull market. In our cryptocurrency mentoring program we offer private coaching, trade alerts, […]

How the Bitcoin Network is Evolving

Over the past year the Bitcoin community has been divided over the blocksize debate. The amount of data that can be stored on a single block is 1 mb. This translates to around 3 transactions per second, which is 259,200 transactions a day. Compare that to the 15 millions transactions processed by credit cards on […]

The Pros and Cons of ICOs

Initial coin offerings (ICO) are the big craze in the crypto world. The concept of an ICO is similar to an initial public offering (IPO) in the legacy markets. During an IPO a new company will raise capital by selling shares to the public. This extra capital can help expand business operations and grow the […]