8 Week Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing Bootcamp

Develop the skills for successful cryptocurrency trading and investing with our comprehensive 8-week bootcamp & Discover profitable strategies, sharpen your technical analysis skills, and master the mental aspects of trading to build wealth in the fast-growing world of cryptocurrencies.

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Why Take The Bootcamp?

The world of cryptocurrency trading and investing offers unparalleled opportunities for wealth creation, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Our 8-week bootcamp is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence needed to navigate the crypto markets successfully.

By participating in this bootcamp, you will learn the four pillars of successful crypto trading and investing. We’ll show you how to apply powerful technical analysis tools, adjust your portfolio for different market cycle phases, and analyze crypto project fundamentals to avoid scams. Additionally, you’ll gain the mental edge needed to master the emotional aspects of trading and investing.

With our expert guidance, you’ll build your own trading plan and learn how to find rules-based trading setups to eliminate guessing and confusion. You’ll also master trade management and compounding profits, preparing you for real-world trading scenarios and ensuring you’re ready to face any market condition with confidence.

Taught By Chris Dunn

  • World’s First Crypto Investing Mentor
  • 21+ years trading experience & 10+ years full-time in crypto
  • Taught over 57,000 traders how to build wealth with bitcoin
  • Made millions trading & investing in crypto-assets

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn the 4 pillars of success crypto trading & investing
  • How to apply the most important technical analysis tools
  • How to adjust your portfolio for the different market cycle phases
  • Methods for analyzing crypto project fundamentals & avoiding scams
  • Tools & techniques for mastering the mental side of trading & investing
  • How to find rules-based trading setups to remove guessing & confusion
  • Mastering the art of trade management & compounding profits
  • Skills to prepare for trading the live markets
  • How to develop a trading plan that fits your risk tolerance
  • Handling real-world scenarios, avoiding mistakes, and mastering your craft

What’s Included In The Bootcamp

Access To Our Bootcamp Chat

In our Wealth Building Community Discord server we have dedicated channels for our bootcamp members to ask questions directly to your mentors and other members.

Reoccurring Live Q & A Classes

We encourage our students to regularly repeat going through the bootcamp lessons and when we have live classes for questions and when classes are scheduled you’ll be able to join when we notify you.

Access To Our Bootcamp Chat

In our Wealth Building Community Discord server we have dedicated channels for our bootcamp members to ask questions directly to your mentors and other members.

Bootcamp Weekly Overview

Pre-requisite 1-3 - Cryptocurrency Basics & Setup & Primer

Get up to speed on cryptocurrency basics, essential tools, and the crypto market landscape, setting the stage for successful trading and investing.

WEEK 1 - Trading & Investing Foundation For Success

Build a solid foundation for success by learning the four pillars of profitable crypto trading and investing.

WEEK 2 - Fundamental Analysis & Research

Deep-dive into fundamental analysis and research, learning how to identify valuable projects and avoid scams.

WEEK 3 - Self-Analysis & Market Sentiment

Master self-analysis and market sentiment to develop the mental fortitude needed for successful trading and investing.

WEEK 4 - Trade Setups & Entries

Discover proven trade setups and entry strategies, removing guesswork and confusion from your decision-making process.

WEEK 5 - Money & Trade Management

Learn effective money and trade management techniques to maximize profits and protect your capital.

WEEK 6 - Preparing For Live Trading

Prepare for live trading by developing a trading plan that fits your risk tolerance and goals.

WEEK 7 - Live Trade Examples

Observe live trade examples, gaining valuable insights into how expert traders navigate the markets.

WEEK 8 - Bringing It All Together

Bring everything you've learned together, reinforcing your skills and confidence to tackle the live markets successfully.

Feedback From Our Members

Hello @chrisdunntv and @CryptoHustle thank you very much guys! it was a pleasure to go through Bootcamp with you together. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i am so glad that i decided to buy this bootcamp. This is indeed the best investment in my life! i learned so much i wished i had done it 2017 already ) but hey it is never too late. i do my new trades only with a trading journal and look forward to learn more, practice more and to grow my wealth till i reach my goal of financial freedom. I realy appreciate what you are doing guys and i understand that with your wisdom and money you already made in crypto you could just hand out all the time somewhere on bahamas and does not have to share your experience and knowledge with us, but you are doing this and this is absulutely awesome. Love you guys, wish you all the best and happy to stay here in this community with you and other cool folks together! Thank you!

Well said Z, fully agree. I’ll add the synergy @chrisdunntv & @CryptoHustle have when teaching is unreal. I’ve gained so much benefit from seeing the different approaches in trading styles but even you’re teaching styles are so perfectly complementary! I’ve been through a bunch of online group/video courses in my day and this one is hands down the best so far, world class stuff guys. Thank you immensely 🙏 can’t wait for the next one.

HI guys, Been into crypto since 2017. Unfortunately i never really hit the gas and just let it sit on the side as i was backpacking around the world ! Been following Chris since then and i’ve only decided last year to finally join in !!! Best thing ever, and happy to take this bootcamp along with all of you.

Hi all! Great to be part of the bootcamp. Was part of the community for a couple of months beginning of 2018. Biggest struggle is time so looking for a trading strategy that allows me to follow other projects. But I guess there is some need to deep dive in the beginning. I greatly appreciate the quality of information, integrity and comradeship from @chrisdunntv and @CryptoHustle and the community.

I have been watching Chris on Youtube for years. I am excited to have joined this bootcamp, I am very eager to learn the ways of a successful trader like Rocky & Chris. Chris is an example of person whose value system I would like to adopt one day. I feel very blessed to be involved in such a positive community and I am looking forward to traveling this journey with everyone together! 👏 😎

Hi guys, like a lot of you I started investing in crypto during 2017. I was trading alts back and forth but after I noticed I underperformed BTC by quite a bit (lost almost 50% in btc value), I stopped and focussed on BTC. Rode the wave all the way to the top, but smoked too much hopium and even added at 20k. After the crash I just hodled and saw it as a long term investment (and now I’m making profits anyway, just took 3 years of hodling :-)). End of 2019 my interest for crypto came back and now I joined the community and bootcamp looking to develop the skills of actually surviving and thriving in the market. So far have been doing well this time around and hope to grow my capital to a point where it can actually impact my live in a big way. Planning to exit a lot of capital this year since I think we will have a big crash in 2022 like in 2018, but until then trying to trade and grow my capital instead of just hodling. Looking forward to the journey with you all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this bootcamp suitable for beginners?

Yes! The bootcamp is designed for both beginners and experienced traders looking to refine their skills and knowledge in cryptocurrency trading and investing.

How much time do I need to commit to the bootcamp?
We recommend setting aside at least 5-10 hours per week to complete the course materials, practice the techniques, and engage in the Q&A sessions.
Can I take the bootcamp at my own pace?
Yes, the course materials and recordings are available for you to review at your own pace, although we encourage active participation in the live Q&A sessions.
What is the refund policy?
Our mission is to help you realize your full potential by providing the highest quality courses and mentoring from our expert mentors. That’s why we ask that you’re prepared to commit to the mentoring program. We’re confident in the quality of our training and can’t make you do the work, which is why we don’t offer refunds.
Are there any prerequisites for taking this bootcamp?
While no prior experience is necessary, we do recommend starting with the pre-requisite sections on cryptocurrency basics and setup to get the most out of the bootcamp. While no prior experience is necessary, we do recommend starting with the pre-requisite sections on cryptocurrency basics and setup to get the most out of the bootcamp..
Do I need any specific tools or software for the bootcamp?
We will provide recommendations for tools and software throughout the course, but you won’t need to purchase anything before starting. Many of the tools we discuss have free versions or offer trial periods.
Will I be able to ask questions and get support during the bootcamp?
Absolutely! Our 6 months of LIVE Q&A classes give you the opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice. Plus, with 60 days access to our wealth-building community, you’ll be able to connect with fellow students and mentors for additional support.
What kind of results can I expect after completing the bootcamp?
There are no guarantees in trading and investing, but we’ll do our best to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Your success will depend on your ability to apply the strategies, dedication to practice, and commitment to ongoing learning and improvement. Also, profits in financial markets are dependent on market conditions, which you will learn how to navigate throughout the bootcamp lessons.