A very professional approach to trading

Since joining the cryptocurrency program, I discovered a lot of my flaws and started correcting them in a disciplined and methodical way. I was able to start seeing improvement by monitoring my performance. I was able to know myself better in regard to my emotions and behavior. The education program you provide is great, and you generate a really nice environment in classes and the trading room, and you teach a very professional approach to trading, which is the right approach to really make profit.

Sebastian Carneiro

I’m truly impressed with what you guys do

I have increased my trading portfolio by around 50% in the last 4-5 months and my trading is becoming much more structured as opposed to the laissez faire approach i had before. I’m truly impressed with what you guys do. I love the humility and your approach. The webinars, market reports, and trade alerts are great. Its a good combination of trading and assistance.

Edward Blake

The Best Crypto Trading Knowledge and Community

I have been trading for well over a decade but I’ve never really found success until I joined Skill Incubator. Chris & Rocky are the best mentors that you can find; they truly care about making sure you are successful. Throughout the course, I have learned technical analysis, trading strategies, chart patterns, and self-analysis, all of which have helped me become a better and more profitable trader. I truly believe that the mentorship, community, and knowledge that I’ve gained through Skill Incubator can’t be found anywhere else.


Great starting base!

I had heard about crypto back in June, and didn’t want to go in, without understanding the fundamentals. Technical analysis, ICO’s, trading and most of all EMOTIONS! The emotions one was an interesting one, you listen and take it in and are like ‘yeah I won’t be that person’… I was that person when I started even though I did the course, and Rocky and Chris explain that everyone rides this – so do it small. Sold on emotion, lost small amounts, made some bad trades and needed to sit on my hands more often than not. All of which is covered in the course, so I have really appreciated having all of those lessons as a reference point. I’ve been a teacher for 15 years – Chris & Rocky have a wealth of knowledge delivered in a manner that kept me interested for 2 months! The initial course cost feels a lot when you are starting out, but for me, worth every cent and an investment that will pay off bitcoins fold. Chris and Rocky are accessible which I love and the trading community is great. Highly recommend taking the course. Lea (Australia – Bali)



Skill Incubator has been the backbone of my trading experience. It’s provided excellent resources through its 6-week Bootcamp, live trading room and access to experienced traders. Chris Dunn is a savvy trader, investor, entrepreneur and an excellent teacher. Rocky Darius aka “CryptoHustle” is a real-life representation of his handle. He’s in the trenches with us daily, turning “lemons into lemonade”, a true crypto warrior. These two guys make a great dynamic duo that will walk you through how to thrive, not just survive in the world of crypto. Along with a real support staff, Skill Incubator brings it all together for you, a must have if you’re serious about crypto trading!


Best course for crypto trading

I am so excited to be part of this mentoring program. Since the beginning of my trading career I made some winning trades, but mostly due to luck. Then I google about crypto training because I really want to make much more profit consistently. The 8-week bootcamp gave me full of knowledge about trading skills. Day by day I attend the class and join live trading and watch the past update and lessons. I have gained 15x of my first investment since 6 months just in the last month of my course. So so happy. I encourage you to attend this course as it worth to join.

Mr. Hokchorn CHEA

I’m glad I made that investment

I enrolled in Chris’ and Rocky’s crypto currency trading mentoring program a month ago following the recommendation of a close friend of mine who I trust. I’m glad I made that investment. I’m about to exit from my third trade, and it looks like I’m about to make my tuition back. On average over the last 30 days, I’m making 45% profits. I come from a food & beverage background and have no previous trading background, math was always hard for me in school and I’m not a tech geek at all. The mentoring program is easy to get and when I have questions in the forum, the other members and our coaches Chris and Rocky answer within 24 hours, usually within a few. Not only do I feel very safe in this community, but I learn step by step how to plan and execute successful trades based on logical analysis and not following any media hype.

Frank Steffen

The training is stellar

I was able to take some large profits in Ethereum due to what I learned from BTA. The training is stellar. You guys definitely know the in’s and out’s of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which is important to understanding how to trade it more effectively.

Gabe Higgins

Great school that offers a ton of value

I got into the crypto space and I was losing money trading because I didn’t know what I was doing. Typically, I am not a person to pay for content that you can find for free on the internet but since this space is so new and I was finding that there was a ton of bad info out there I went digging for the best resource I could find to learn. I Found Chris and Rocky and joined up. The content this school offers is insane, they are live five days a week to discuss the market and the bootcamp is very well put together. The trading room is great too because you can put your head together with other trained people in the space. In just six months I almost tripled my initial investment and have learned skills to last a lifetime. One of the better investments I have ever made!

Jon Duff

Best learning curve in 20 years !

Hi Guys, I signed up to the Skill Incubator about 3 months ago, being a complete novice in the crypto scene. Now 3 months later I have completed the best learning curve I have ever done in 20 years ! And I have been looking for something like this for almost as long ! Thats a fact. So I want to say Chris and Rocky your Skill Incubator course is TOTALLY AWESOME ! Totally worth every single cent. I get up at 5.30 every morning to watch your videos. I now help my mates into the Crypto scene and keep recommending Skill Incubator. If your cautious in any way about Skill Incubator, I can assure you, your fears will dissipate very quickly !

Nigel Maclaurin

Thanks to you guys I got over my fears

I took the step to join the bootcamp and community to finally get better at trading. Having been in BTC since early 2013 before the first spike I have been sitting on my BTC and not trading being to afraid to loose. After the bootcamp I no longer have fear. Feels awesome. Doing lots of winning trades and looking forward doing even more.

Perly Trader

This is going to be by far the most profitable year in my life

I first heard of bitcoin in 2013 and started buying all the way up to the top. Then it peaked and started crashing. Due to fear and greed, I found myself selling the dips and buying the tops of bounces. Then I found Chris Dunn. His trades were the opposite of mine. I followed him and after seeing how accurate his trades were, I joined his mentoring program. On top of making back everything I’ve lost, using some leverage I have recently made a bitcoin trade with more than 50% profit! Also in 2016 my ETH account alone increased 700% thanks to the program! Chris and Rocky are constantly available and kindly respond personally to any question you may have. This is going to be by far the most profitable year in my life thanks to them!

Matthew Ambrosia

Excellent Course

If you’re serious about learning, or improving you trading, in cryptocurrency you will find this course EXCELLENT! Our community is indispensable as well. Chris and Rocky share all their knowledge so we can also become successful traders.

Within two months after signing up my total portfolio increased 50%! …hard, if not impossible to make a gain like that in the stock market.

Kirk Ziegler

Thank you! 15000% gain in a year!

I started trading with Chris and Rocky 1 year ago. I had some prior knowledge and experience but Skill Incubator quickly upped my game. The course is great both for newbies and for people with some trading experience. I was lucky to trade with them during the biggest bull rally in crypto history and made ridiculous percentage gains on my capital. I would highly recommend the courses to everyone, they will save you a lot of time and money.


Love the courses

I’ve been a member of skill incubator for about 2 years now. Started with absolutely no knowledge on trading and have really didn’t know where to begin researching this industry. Chris and Rocky have proven to be amazing mentors with their knowledge and dedication to teaching, you can really tell the joy they get out of helping others achieve financial freedom. Can’t recommend these courses enough, they’re awesome.

Gregg Ochaita

I have started with around 500 dollars and I have cash out 10000

Chris and Rocky propose an excellent trading course, After finishing uni, I have started with only around 500 USD, and after 6 months-ish, I have closed my first 10k USD. Chris and Rocky will teach you everything from the psychology of trading, new coins to invest, technical analysis, preparation and an amazing community. They teach us and mentor us almost on a daily basis. Without them, I will be probably broke and sad. Trading is hard but it’s so much fun and they will be there to help you like they did with me.

Radjiv Carrere