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Bitcoin Basics: How To Profit In The New Cryptocurrency Economy

Learn the basics of trading and profiting from bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies | taught by Chris Dunn & Rocky Darius

Chris Dunn

Founder, Skill Incubator

Chris Dunn has been an active trader and investor since 2001. He first started trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2013. After gaining notoriety for his accuracy spotting highly profitable Bitcoin trades, he developed a trading community of over 4,200 cryptocurrency traders and investors.

Rocky Darius

Crypto Trader, Mentor

Rocky Darius is a full-time cryptocurrency trader, investor and analyst. In 2013, he developed a passion for cryptocurrencies and seized the opportunity to pursue a career in this rising industry. Much of his time is spent researching the markets to find new wealth building strategies.

Why Learn About Bitcoin And Other Crypto’s?


The global economy is currently in a $152 trillion debt bubble and on the verge of imploding. The average person is drowning in debt, and spending their lives grinding it out in the rat race just to make ends meet.Increasingly we’re seeing more banks failing under pressure and unable to honor their obligations. Our money isn’t as safe as we thought it was and it’s time to look towards alternatives as a hedge.  Bitcoin was born out of the ashes of the 2008 economic meltdown, as an alternative financial network that can bypass the banking system. During its 8 years of existence, it’s proven to be one of the most profitable investments and store of value. $100 worth of bitcoin in 2010 had a value of $1.8 million at the end of 2013. Bitcoin is the digital gold of the information age.

Course Details and Description

This course is a quick overview of bitcoin and the crypto economy. Cryptocurrencies combined with the power of the internet, gives individuals the tools to achieve financial independence. We’ll show you a basic overview on the various ways to make money in this rapid growing industry and how to take advantage of this opportunit


You’ll learn exactly what bitcoin is but even more importantly what it is not.


Learn the depths of exactly how Bitcoin works.


Learn why Bitcoin has so much value, why people trust it so much and why its gained so much popularity.


Learn exactly how and where to buy your first bitcoin and also, how to sell it.


Learn about Bitcoin wallets and how to safely store your Bitcoin.


Learn exactly what we are doing to profit in the new cryptocurrency economy.

Module #1: Bitcoin Basics

  • How To Get The Most Out Of This Course
  • What Is Bitcoin?
  • How Does Bitcoin Work?
  • How Do You Buy & Sell Bitcoin?
  • Why Does Bitcoin Have Value?
  • What is a Bitcoin Wallet?
  • What are Altcoins?
  • How To Make Money With Bitcoin

Module #2: Exchange Tutorial

  • Coinbase Tutorial
  • Poloniex Tutorial
  • BitMEX Tutorial
“I enrolled in Chris’ and Rocky’s crypto currency trading mentoring program a month ago following the recommendation of a close friend of mine who I trust. I’m glad I made that investment. I’m about to exit from my third trade, and it looks like I’m about to make my tuition back. On average over the last 30 days, I’m making 45% profits. I come from a food & beverage background and have no previous trading background, math was always hard for me in school and I’m not a tech geek at all. The mentoring program is easy to get and when I have questions in the forum, the other members and our coaches Chris and Rocky answer within 24 hours, usually within a few. Not only do I feel very safe in this community, but I learn step by step how to plan and execute successful trades based on logical analysis and not following any media hype.” Frank Steffen

I first heard of bitcoin in 2013 and started buying all the way up to the top. Then it peaked and started crashing. Due to fear and greed, I found myself selling the dips and buying the tops of bounces. Then I found Chris Dunn. His trades were the opposite of mine. I followed him and after seeing how accurate his trades were, I joined his mentoring program. On top of making back everything I’ve lost, using some leverage I have recently made a bitcoin trade with more than 50% profit! Also in 2016 my ETH account alone increased 700% thanks to the program! Chris and Rocky are constantly available and kindly respond personally to any question you may have. This is going to be by far the most profitable year in my life thanks to them!” Matthew Ambrosia

“Since joining the cryptocurrency program, I discovered a lot of my flaws and started correcting them in a disciplined and methodical way. I was able to start seeing improvement by monitoring my performance. I was able to know myself better in regard to my emotions and behavior. The education program you provide is great, and you generate a really nice environment in classes and the trading room, and you teach a very professional approach to trading, which is the right approach to really make profit.” Sebastian Carneiro

“I have increased my trading portfolio by around 50% in the last 4-5 months and my trading is becoming much more structured as opposed to the laissez faire approach i had before. I’m truly impressed with what you guys do. I love the humility and your approach. The webinars, market reports, and trade alerts are great. Its a good combination of trading and assistance.” Edward Blake

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