10 Reasons Why I’m Bullish on Tezos

10 Reasons Why I’m Bullish on Tezos

  1. It offers new innovation to the blockchain space by introducing decentralized governance and formal verification
  2. It’s still in early adopter phase as a new project that hasn’t had a full market cycle yet
  3. Tezos is being used as a blockchain of choice for multi-billion dollar STO projects
  4. Within the span of the past year we’ve seen it listed on all major crypto exchanges without needing to pay any listing fees
  5. It’s the only coin that can be staked on a Coinbase wallet, making it an attractive choice to the next wave of new investors
  6. On-chain governance requires owning XTZ, which gives it another demand use case beyond securing the network
  7. While other crypto projects struggle with funding, the Tezos foundation has over $600M in its coffers
  8. The protocol is highly adaptable, it can make protocol changes without a hard fork and integrate all the best features of any other blockchain
  9. Liquid proof-of-stake makes it easy to generate passive income without the need to run a node or be highly technical
  10. Price discovery still seems fairly low on the charts with room for the market cap to grow

STO Projects Using Tezos

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, it is only my personal opinion and my conclusions could be wrong. Cryptocurrencies are considered high risk and it’s possible to lose all your money. Always conduct your own due diligence and come to your own conclusions. If you don’t understand the risk or how to use crypto then it’s likely best to not use them.