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Is Bitcoin In Another Bubble?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are sitting around all-time price highs… So there’s been a lot of positive news about Bitcoin in the media lately, but there’s also a VERY big risk right now that I want everyone to know about. We’re going to be doing a live market Master Class this Tuesday at 2:00 PM […]

8 Proven Ways To Raise Capital For Your Business

It’s estimated that about nine out of ten startups fail with a lack of or misuse of capital being a driving factor in these failures. While it’s daunting, do not let this statistic deter you from launching that dream business of yours. Luckily for you, successful entrepreneurs have shared their journeys with the rest of […]

Reviewing My Reselling Net Profits For November – $22,513

This week I got a lot of questions about margins and the difference between gross profit and net profits. With reselling, we have to take fees, shipping costs, and cost of goods into consideration when looking at net profit. Some product sources have really high gross profit margins. For example, garage sale items typically resell […]