The Chinese government banning crypto is a regular tradition that dates back to 2013. Every time they ban crypto the markets tend to panic… this video highlights all the various China FUD articles and crashes on the charts. 

China has a large crypto community and they’ve contributed a ton of value to the space, yet their government continues to make things difficult for them. The majority of hashing power and mining equipment comes from the Chinese community and they’ve always been good at finding clever ways to circumvent restrictions. 

Here’s a list of articles on the various “crypto bans” from China:

Bitcoin in China: The Fall Out from Chinese Government Banning Real World Use

People’s bank of China Further Restricts Bitcoin

How a China Crackdown Caused Bitcoin’s Price to Plunge

China’s Central Bank Issues New Warning to Bitcoin Exchanges 

China has Banned ICOs

Bitcoin is Sinking on a Report China is Going to Shut Down Exchanges

China is Reportedly Moving to Clamp Down on Bitcoin Miners

Ban Complete: China Blocks Foreign Crypto Exchanges to Counter Financial Risks

Chinese Internet Giants Shut Cryptocurrency Forums and Transactions Amid Government Clampdown

China Wants to Ban Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Drops to $7000 as China Vows to Dispose of Local Exchanges

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