As time has gone on, the way we learn about what is happening in our world is something that has constantly been changing. Naturally, people who are involved in the world of business are subsequently almost always looking for new ways to get information and put that information to good use.

The so-called “Podcast Revolution” has completely changed the way that many people in the business community currently get their news and learn about new trends. With literally thousands of different podcasts to choose from, there is very likely one available that addresses the exact kind of topics that interest you the most.

But before deciding on the podcast you are going to incorporate into your daily commute to work, there are a few important things you should keep in mind.

  • Level of expertise—some individuals want a podcast that is very technical and specific to their industry. Others prefer something that is a little more relaxed and uses everyday terminology.
  • Topics covered—naturally the term “business podcast” could potentially cover a very wide range of topics. There are podcasts available relating to the stock market, consumer issues, advertising trends, running a business, and almost everything else imaginable.
  • Production company—some podcasts are made by individuals, some are made by nonprofits (such as NPR), and others are made by corporations. If the original source matters to you, this is certainly something worth investigating.
  • Accuracy of information—you probably want your podcast to be as close to the truth as it feasibly can. Reviewing the typical credibility of your regular podcast may be worth the effort.
  • Length of podcast—most podcasts typically last for about an hour, but there is certainly a very wide range of options available.

Keeping these things in mind, here are some of the best podcasts for people who want to learn more about the business community.

Entrepreneur on Fire

Commonly referred to as “EOFire” by its fans, this podcast has featured thousands of different entrepreneurs who explain their unique successes, failures, and words of advice when it comes to starting a business. The show is hosted by John Lee Dumas and has even been recognized with a “Best of iTunes” award.

Accelerate Your Business Growth

This particular podcast, hosted by the widely-respected Diane Helbig, is another great podcast for individuals who are in the process of starting or already running their own business. The podcast specifically details how individuals can turn ideas into actual results and discusses the unique set of challenges that are commonly faced by entrepreneurs.

The $100 MBA

Instead of spending thousands of dollars trying to continue your formal education, all that host Omar Zenhom asks from you is that you offer him ten minutes of your day. Omar focuses on different ways that business people can be more productive, whether they are running their own business or working for somebody else. Additionally, the frequent appearance of important guests also makes it possible for listeners to quickly gain access to a more diverse array of opinions.

Eventual Millionaire

This podcast, as the name might imply, focuses on the one goal that seemingly all young business people seem to have in common: gaining financial security by doing productive work (eventually). Host Jaime Masters takes the experience she has gained as a business coach and tries to deliver advice that just about any ambitious individual could potentially find to be useful. Topics include developing leadership skills, various business strategies, and how you can make better use of your limited time.

Home Work

Hosted by the dynamic duo of Aaron Manke and Dave Caolo, the podcast Home Work tries to focus on the unique issues and opportunities experienced by the growing number of business people who choose to work from home. The podcast discusses subjects that may frequently be overlooked by those who target office workers such as finding ways to motivate yourself, generating at-home income more effectively, and the trials and tribulations of choosing to be your own boss.

How I Built This

This highly-acclaimed podcast was initially created by National Public Radio (NPR) and has featured an incredible array of guests throughout its well-documented history. Essentially, as the time likely implies, How I Built This is a show featuring successful business people who explain the way they created their success. It is an excellent option for individuals who are considering starting their own business and are looking for strategies for overcoming common sources of adversity.

Back to Work

Back to Work has become a popular podcast not only because of the wide variety of topics that are discussed but also because of the outright likability of the show’s hosts Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin. The show explores different issues faced many people in the workplace and how, with the right strategies and approach to your career, these issues can eventually be overcome. The show’s hosts offer a very organic sense of humor and can be easily related to by essentially all types of business people.

Investing in Real Estate

Just like the title of the podcast itself, host Clayton Morris likes to consider himself to be a very straightforward individual. Morris has a passion for helping people achieve their long-term financial goals, which often involves investing in real estate. Throughout the show, Morris touches on numerous different topics related to sustaining your wealth and also motivates listeners to recognize their goals as actually attainable.

The Biz Chix

This podcast focuses on successful women in the world of business and how many of these women have been able to overcome the challenges uniquely related to gender. The show discusses at length the fact that, even though these distinctive challenges certainly exist, there are still a lot of different ways that women can succeed. Many women—including some of the guests on the show itself—have cited The Biz Chix as a major source of inspiration.


No matter what type of business interests you, there is likely a podcast that is able to cater to your specific tastes. Even if all you are doing is listening to a simple 15-minute show on the way to work, you may be surprised by the positive impact these podcasts can have on your life. 

About the Author

James is an avid investor in real estate and the stock market. He has found an edge in his real estate investing with digital marketing.