As we near the end of Q3 earnings reporting season and get closer to the end of calendar 2019, I wanted to reflect on some current trends in the stock market. While it’s been a choppy year at times, the S&P 500 is now once again at all-time highs. That begs the question, how should we think about the prospect of strong returns in 2020? 

I talk about my plan for stocks going into 2020, as well as some specific stocks that I am digging into after major Q3 earnings news. 

In today’s video, I walk through:

  • How 2019 compares to past years in the stock market
  • Which sectors are seeing the best & worst earnings growth
  • How expensive the stock market looks compared to recent history
  • Specific stocks that have been outperforming in my portfolio
  • Stocks I’m looking into after big recent moves post-earnings
  • My general stock investing plan going forward 

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About the Author

Travis is a former hedge fund professional with 15+ years of public markets investing experience. Travis was a senior analyst at Ancient Art LP, a top 100 global hedge fund focused on stocks. Prior to Ancient Art, Travis worked at Stadium Capital Management, a long/short equity hedge fund. He also invests in startups and is a member of NextGen Venture Partners. He earned a B.B.A. in Finance and the Business Honors Program from the University of Texas at Austin.