Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are an emerging space in most first-world countries all over the globe. If you’re looking for a niche, well-paying job that may set you up for your future, you’ll do yourself right to look into a crypto career!

In only a few years, positions have opened up like crazy. The economy and the job market are nothing like they were before the rise of the digital asset. Some professions have you directly involved in the coding of a cryptocurrency/blockchain, while others are more distant but still important factors in the success of cryptocurrency.

Also, with the rise of decentralization, it’s important to note that most careers in the cryptocurrency space will be remote positions. Don’t expect to move into an office with fellow workers. Know how to self-motivate and get work done without going into an office if you’re looking to get into this area.

Here are some of the top careers in cryptocurrency:

Data Analysis

This is a position that you could have done before cryptocurrencies. Analysis of market trends and information is essential, and doing so in the emerging cryptocurrency space will require a ton of substantial experience.

Your goal with data analysis is to look at the trends and advise users in the process of buying, selling, and trading different cryptocurrencies. Generally, data analysis requires a computer science degree and all sorts of previous experience.

Also, you’ll need to know cryptocurrencies inside and out. It’s essential that you can explain the digital asset to someone who may not know much about it or technology at all. If you can do this right, data analysis in the cryptocurrency space pays incredibly well.

Web Development

Web development is always a welcome space to get involved with. Nearly every company in any first-world or growing country requires a reliable website to promote their internet presence.

Now, with all the different cryptocurrency start-ups coming along, web developers have even more options available to them. Of course, you can’t just jump over to crypto web design if you know nothing about virtual currency. It’s vital that you have extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency, as they may require you to get more involved with the project than just designing the website.

For example, web developers may participate in writing smart contracts – inherently digital if-then statements that work on blockchain technology. These are usually integrated right into the website, and this is how the start-up gets paid, so it’s an essential aspect of the entire package.

Also, you’re more likely to get the position if you have a college degree in some sort of computer science. Knowledge of Python, JavaScript, or indeed any other coding language is beneficial. Plus, there are likely to be more coming with the rise of digital assets. Web development in the cryptocurrency space could be a viable long-term position for anyone who knows what they’re doing.

Security Planner

As you can imagine, the world of cryptocurrency is filled with security, privacy, and other information concerns. It only makes sense that a crypto focused project would require a security planner to keep everything going smoothly.

Security planners create additional systems and securities around the blockchain technology that prevent bad actors or hackers from getting into the system.

Computer-related degrees alongside some security skills of any sort will likely land you the job. Security planners are an essential aspect of nearly any online project. Decentralized blockchain technology is no exception to any of this.

Research Analysis

While not nearly as essential, research analysts are in every type of field.

Your job would be to research the competition and see what they’re up to. What’s going on in the industry right now? Are there any trends your project can take advantage of? How about some market dips or a segment that hasn’t been covered?

Because cryptocurrencies are an emerging field, the demand for research is very high. A lot of people still don’t understand crypto or what it is going to be, so the job here is also to take your research and present it in a digestible way.

No, you don’t necessarily need to understand crypto and blockchain to their fullest, but that does help. That said, you should still know a good amount if you’re looking to make this your full-time job. On top of this, you should know about traditional currencies, trading exchanges, emerging altcoins, and the use cases for all of the above.


As a cryptocurrency journalist, your job isn’t so much to be involved with the development of the project, but rather to cover blockchain and cryptocurrency news and events. Of course, you’ll need writing skills, but because the industry is so up and coming, there will be outlets all over the world looking for cryptocurrency experts to share their knowledge with the world.

Community Manager

Because cryptocurrencies are community-involved projects, it’s crucial for a team member to be on top of communities and ensuring questions are answered, and the information is spread.

Plus, you’d be doing fun things like creating content for the projects Twitter and sharing the name around different forums and outlets. It’s likely that you’ll build up some stable relationships in the process, all while promoting the brand.

If you put in the work, the rewards will only rise. Most cryptocurrency positions offer equity in the company as payment. In this case, if the project takes off, you’ll have a significant chance at making a large return of your time. If you get involved with multiple projects, these chances increase even more.

These are only a few different positions in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. As mentioned, the digital asset is still in its successful living off of this sort of work.

About the Author

Daren is a cryptocurrency investor, miner, and blockchain developer. He researches the latest trends and technology in decentralized products and services.