I had heard about crypto back in June, and didn’t want to go in, without understanding the fundamentals. Technical analysis, ICO’s, trading and most of all EMOTIONS! The emotions one was an interesting one, you listen and take it in and are like ‘yeah I won’t be that person’… I was that person when I started even though I did the course, and Rocky and Chris explain that everyone rides this – so do it small. Sold on emotion, lost small amounts, made some bad trades and needed to sit on my hands more often than not. All of which is covered in the course, so I have really appreciated having all of those lessons as a reference point. I’ve been a teacher for 15 years – Chris & Rocky have a wealth of knowledge delivered in a manner that kept me interested for 2 months! The initial course cost feels a lot when you are starting out, but for me, worth every cent and an investment that will pay off bitcoins fold. Chris and Rocky are accessible which I love and the trading community is great. Highly recommend taking the course. Lea (Australia – Bali)